Spinning for Feral Beginners

Monday, December 20, 2010

To spin or not to spin?

V's "Bronze Goddess" handspun

Much as I love my drop spindles, I must admit, I haven't the time I'd like to use them. What a sad state of affairs this is.

My holiday season this year is being spent with a broken leg/ankle/foot so I have no excuses -- I've been working on knitting designs, and have left little room for anything else. Except, I am determined to enjoy spinning again.

The only problem? I some lovely handspun that I so want to knit -- a hank of V's handspun she's nicknamed Bronze Goddess. I dye the organic merino top last year. And now -- it is yarn and it's mine. Too much distraction.

So, I've found the oldest project clinging to a spindle and I'm determined to finish that this week. It's some polworth I dyed ages ago and have gently spun it every so often on one of my gemstone spindles. I'd spun and plied a bit of this yarn ages ago and have neglected to finish the lot of fibre in this colourway. Drat!

Back to the drop spindle.