Spinning for Feral Beginners

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Here are some groovin' photos Dot took of the Monkey Sock Swap 4 pack I sent -- The socks were knitted in Opal Mosaic purple. The yarns were: Jojoland, Knittery Slim Sock, and Lace Wings. I included a monkey (who looks jetlagged!), some jungle (w/monkey) stickers, a banana bunch fridge magnet, The Mingus Sock Pattern, some funky monkey material for Dot to use for patchwork -- she's a quilting fiend, and a bracelet that has a banana and a monkey on it.

I contemplated the contents of the pack and concluded that, after all, knitters probably prefer getting YARN (nice yarn) over any other items, so I went heavy on the sock yarn. I don't think DOT minded!

I really wanna do a monkey swap down under, but don't know who would be game... Any takers?

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Vellan said...

I haven't ever done a swap, but I have considered it.

I have almost signed up for one or two, but then I remember my obligation evasion policy, and don't.

It's safe to say I could be persuaded pretty easily.