Spinning for Feral Beginners

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Lyta, and... Squirrelly

Whilst the weekend was spent at market --- and many a person milling around Port Adelaide during the holiday, I managed to sneak in a spinning moment here and there -- as I played with my Chuppah Whorl Spindles to demonstrate. Such a teaser, though, as the needles demanded immediate attention.

*schniffle* not enough time to play. This could turn me into a walking, talking (babbling?) Stephen King character. All knit and no play makes Mel a dull girl. WAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Pictured above is my babygirlLyta. She is caressing her beloved Squirrelly, who, as you can see, is laid out in the disemboweling position. And yes, Lyta likes to completely mess up the hall runner. It's stuffed now. But do I care? Mais non, as who can resist that face? Those cute little eyebrows? Cheeky monkey. Squirrelly is now a lot skinnier than in the photo, but no less loved. And both squeekers are missing, much to my husband's delight. Notice the holding position? This is how she holds her Dentastix snacks too.


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