Spinning for Feral Beginners

Thursday, August 21, 2008

coloured snakes? wool scrolls?

Painting sliver -- again. The scrolls are my favourites -- some coloured sheep wool from Wendy Dennis.

Ok -- nice wool to spin. Check. Time to spin? *sigh* Never mind. It's nice to look at. I'm especially STOKED about the outrageous scarlet red and the sapphire blue that blended with it. (at right in photo) The sliver at the left may be 2 different yarns. The purples and blues go. But the bloodread and paler mauvey colours seem to belong somewhere else. 2 different dye patterns were used for the respective lots. Both colourways are spring florals. And it was 5 degrees last night. 

When coiled, the sliver at the left resembles a fairy's dragon dropping.

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