Spinning for Feral Beginners

Monday, March 9, 2009

Comical Carder

Ok, so V and I decided it would be fun to rent a drum carder to make batts from the enormous pile of alpaca fibre someone gave her partner, Lenny. 

Well, it got waaaaaaaaay outta hand. I mean, once I got started I just couldn't stop. She happily sat there spinning her gorgeous EGMTK bamboo/wool while I made an extraordinary mess on her patio. Poor Lenny, his tidy nature didn't enjoy the spectacle. 

Batts of:

1) alpaca, black coloured sheep wool, and finn from Susie Horne; some just alpaca/black wool

2) bamboo, nepalese doggie's brekkie wool (I had dyed blues/greens) with some organic merino I had dyed in a celery/citrine

3) organic merino and soy; organic merino and bamboo

Poor V -- I started her on soaking the dirty-ish white alpaca while I batted the brown and black. Ummm, it's kind of a poopy icky business. V just isn't into cleaning dirty fleeces. 

I took home a bag to wash this week. Perhaps when she has gotten over the first session, she will find it in her heart to invite me back. 

Our first batt looked decidedly feral, but after that, I started to experiment with the infernal machine and got a better result. The proof will be in the spinning. One should not blame one's tools, but damn, that carder is a beast! Not easy on the elbows!

Back to work - M, still SIOz with her feral spindle

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