Spinning for Feral Beginners

Thursday, September 25, 2008


What a time to be in Yankland. Typical -- the sky is falling and I'm here for a spell. Nevermind. As soon as I am able, I will try to upload a photo of my prized USA purchase -- a pair of Converse One Star gymshoes -- in pink, with skulls, hearts, flowers, and all things girlie on 'em. I bloody love them. Truely.

Funny: one of the cable film channels has been showing Australian films all month. HA! At least that's one channel worth watching, at least for now. Family has 700+ channels on the digital tv and still... NOTHING WORTH WATCHING when SciFi isn't showing a new programme. FIE.

Spinning: sneaked my very pointy drop spindle on the plane -- whorl packed separately from the shaft (shaft has a notch, not a hook) and spun happily on the plane (aisle seat) for a while. The flight attendant was quite intrigued. Or maybe just polite!

Still, not a wasted flight. :-)

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