Spinning for Feral Beginners

Monday, June 22, 2009

bye bye beloved

*laugh* Right -- I really am a soft touch. One of the fab Ravelry Aussies came by the Port to have a look at my spindles. I was showing her some of the ones I've made, trying to find one she found comfy to spin and she fell in like with one of my faves I've been spinning some of my organic hand-painted top on. Well, it seemed like it would go to a happy place, so it went home with her. Now I miss it, but I know it will get used and loved by someone who loves to spin, so I'm happy too. Now I had best get on my bike and make some more. I didn't photograph that one, but it was a lighter weight spindle with a notch and hook for versatility. And it was colour-coordinated with the top I was spinning -- a light citrine. What a pleasure it is to spin too.

Mel, looking for her spindle pliers...

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