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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

spindle neglect

My poor spindle

Yes, the lovely little gemmie with which I've been spinning some Way Over the Rainbow coloured aussie wool top still lays idle while I work on designs. It's just too sad for words, but can't be helped I'm afraid.The only time I've had for spinning in August was while I was selling at the Sock Summit. I figured, well, I'm standing here selling top and yarn, I might as well show 'em what I got.

The nice part? Sold OUT of the organic merino top and yes, I wished I'd packed more of that and less of the regular. The regular is lovely, but the 19.5 micron wool just can't be topped -- har har har.I'm on my way soon to play at Beth's (my sister's) house, where her new lots of custom carded top await my inspection *laugh*. There's so much of it, I may just use the bales as a bed. It's all destined for the wools shows we're doing this autumn.

What I'm really looking forward to? My RUBY SLIPPERS top from Kate at Roclans. It's been stored at Beth's since April and I WANT IT! I need this wool. Really. And yes, it looks as it sounds, complete with red fiery angelina blended into Kate's amazing wool. Wheeeeeeeeeeee!Back to the design files.

Spin something nice. M

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