Spinning for Feral Beginners

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wow -- how kewl

Whilst the Sock Summit was clearly dominated by the knitters, the spinners certainly came to hang out. And man, did I have a ringside seat. 2 doors down from me? Carolina Fibers. Oh yes, Morgaine and company were demonstrating their wheels and tempting me every moment with their ample display of lovely drop spindles. OMG.
Then, in front of me to the left? The Fold, from Illinois. The proprietor came by, had a chat, touched some SIOz yarn and fibre -- and no, she did not leave empty-handed! Once you've had Australian 19 micron merino, you never go back baby.

Every spinning vendor I met was ACE! Did I mention Crown Mountain Farms over towards the right? They're lovely people tooooooo!

Around the corner, more spinner supply companies and NO! I didn't get a chance to peruse it all. Maddeningly close and no time to play.

Can't complain as I was busy and enjoying my customers. Sold fibre and spindles to new spinners. Can't wait to see what they make!

And no, I never NOT miss my hubby, pooch, and my ace friends in Adelaide, but the change of scene does me good. As the dust settles, I promise to post some updated pictures for spinners.


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