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Monday, December 7, 2009

Finally -- the spindle gets used

Way Over the Rainbow Merino Spinning Fibre (carded)

From the Bendigo 2009 stash -- here's what I did with the 50gm of Australian wool fibre that was a showbag gift to my spinning customers at BSWS 2009.

I divided the fibre down the middle to spin a 2ply for a lace project. I wanted to spin to singles in the same manner to do a colour-segmented yarn. Used a very short draw and lots of twist.

Howlite Gemstone Spindle with laceweight single

I've had this on display at the Port Markets and have been getting lots of comments like, "wow, that yarn doesn't look like the fibre." Yup, the red is blending nicely with the blue to get a really nice dark burgundy and a lighter red (gold with red). The greens are dominated by the reds the way I've spun this section.

Next installment -- the first hank with detail on plying process.

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