Spinning for Feral Beginners

Monday, December 21, 2009

Still spinning...

In between design work, I've been playing with my drop spindle. Found a lone hank of Way Over the Rainbow that I didn't know existed. Joy of joys -- I am now wanting to make a larger project with the yarn I've already spun, so now, no excuses.

Ok, so what to knit with the WOtR yarn? I'm going to have to do some serious doodling to get that right. Hmmmmm.

Friend V has lost this hank:

The missing hank of green loveliness

V's fibre that became the green loveliness

I am hoping that by posting these photos, the yarn pixies who have stolen her hank will return it to the correct cupboard in her house. Good yarn karma... Don't fret V! If it doesn't turn up, I shall paint more for you. Now that I look at it again, it was a quite fetching batch...

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